In 2013 more information was produced than in the previous 5000 years altogether (Cisco research) due to the explosive combination of always-on broadband networks, smart personal devices and over-the-top content sharing. With such staggering growth of yearly content production, being visible to customers, viewers, and fans has become more challenging than ever before. In this new socio-mobile ecosystem, static publishing of sites, video uploads and social media posts are no longer sufficient to reach audiences. Melio introduces XTend®, a comprehensive service delivery platform for micro channels that combine the assembly power of broadcast with the flexibility and low cost of web publishing.


    The impact of changing information consumption is going far beyond the boundaries of traditional media. Newspapers, sport clubs, celebrities and consumer good companies are required to somehow become media companies themselves. Attracting online audiences in a permanently connected however requires a new approach to publishing that combines the momentum and assembly power of live events with the ubiquity of the web. Melio Xtend includes a web scheduling system and real-time publishing system that can revitalise apps and web sites regardless of delivery platform. 


    Over-the-top messaging services have come out of nothing to suddenly challenge mobile operators in one of their core services. Now, due to easy group creation and sharing with “real” friends rather than with loose social network relationships, their use is becoming so widespread that they are eating into the time spent on social media platforms too.  It is time to start thinking of viewers, customers and fans as micro communities with common interests and strong relationships. Such view requires more contextual media, lively apps with “momentum” and easier sharing tools. Melio introduces Micro Community messaging®, a services module integrated in Melio’s Xtend platform that allows MNO’s, publishers, artists and brands to onboard viewers, fans and customers on their own microchannels. 


    With more and more content being created every day, no search engine or recommendation engine alone will be enough to help consumers find their way. While content search and -discovery is certainly useful on the client side, the production side must do its part to make the user experience more user friendly and help viewers navigate through the information jungle. Melio introduces context curation®, a new approach to content curation developed specifically to strengthen existing OTT services and Apps. Integrated in the Melio Xtend service delivery platform, context curation® facilitates the workflow for real-time aggregation and publishing of diverse content sources and files around people, places and things, thereby facilitating the creation of strong context for the enrichment of live events and programs. 


    At Melio we are passionate about driving change. We are there when our focus industries are just about to go into roller coaster mode. Driving change requires leadership, open mindedness, flexibility and technical skills. But mostly a well functioning team. Melio works with Agile methodology in software development and the rest of the organisation. If you are a change agent, ready for a roller coaster ride yourself, please contact us..  



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