broadcasters & pay TV operators

Broadcaster & Pay TV operators

Broadcasters and Pay TV operators have followed viewers and new entrants over the top with services such as streaming TV, catch-up TV and second screen apps. The move from linear broadcast and multichannel TV to OTT services is not trivial however and many are finding out the hard way that it is not by putting programs online, engaging with viewers through Twitter or by building second screen apps that they can gain audiences and monetise the online space. Common problems are low online user satisfaction, low online advertising revenues, disappointing second screen experiences and rising streaming costs.Melio Xtend TV puts broadcasters and Pay TV operators back in charge by extending the centrality of linear programming onto the

web. Through an integrated workflow supporting content curation, OTT sharing, mobile content production and content recommendation, Xtend TV allows operators to build new content value propositions in real time and keep the momentum around the linear program grid. Melio XTend enabled Micro channels complement the multichannel line-up with highly specialised channels that increase subscribers loyalty and ARPU.

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