mobile network operators

Mobile Network Operators

Although having enabled the mobile broadband revolution in the first place, MNOs have so far not been able to truly benefit from the over-the-top (OTT) services layer and many MNOs are struggling to avoid becoming a mere “pipe” for data traffic. The move to OTT can be perceived as a delicate matter, as new OTT services are considered to cannibalise conventional revenues. Waiting for the OTT tidal wave is not an option either, however, as consumers themselves are moving over the top in all core MNO services, including voice.

Melio provides MNOs with a clear and simple path to embracing OTT as a full fledged revenue generating platform and leverage their core strengths in the socio-mobile ecosystem; powerful consumer brands, trusted billing relationships and strong marketing- and sales channels.

The video-centric XTend Live platform is the perfect starting point for launching services that justify consumer upgrades to 4G: value added music streaming services, live event coverage, micro channels and sports. The XTend platform integrates well with MNOs that have already started partnerships with pure OTT players by adding a value added layer that allows MNOs to build their own consumer social graphs. For those starting an OTT offer from scratch, XTend provides the full OTT service delivery platform including an exciting micochannel offering for acquiring and retaining IPTV subscribers.”

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