Melio signs contract with Universal Music for the the creation of an online music distribution platform.

Universal Music Netherlands has selected Melio’s XTend platform for the implementation of its white label mobile music service. By using XTend Live, Universal will be able to ad value to its online music services. “The online music space is one of the most exciting areas for XTend” says Melio CEO Giuseppe Flores d’Arcais. “As the music industry is truly reinventing itself, we can provide a range of services that enrich the consumer’s experience with its favourite music artist. Xtend’s curation and aggregation services and innovative user experience give music discovery a new dimension”.


Melio launches XTend News, the all-in-one system for enriching the news production workflow.

Melio has released XTend News, the service delivery platform that online publishers can use to extend their presence onto mobile. Xtend News allows for the creation of news stories as microchannels with scheduling of news feeds, videos and articles and a new approach to classifieds. The XTend software development kit allows microchannels to be integrated into existing online portals and news sites. Melio also launches the XTend News pilot programme for implementing XTend in trial mode.


Melio implements real-time clip creation pilot for Ajax.

Melio has implemented XTend Live to support the Ajax first youth team with real-time clip creation. The system allows for capturing, streaming, clipping and tagging of clips and their publishing in real-time on a dedicated user interface. The system, targeted for trainers in the current scope, can be extended to fans and followers. It is the first of its kind to allow for the automatic clip generation in real-time.


Melio launches XTend Live

Melio introduces XTend Live, the turn-key curation- and production system for live OTT publishing. Xtend Live allows for the creation of microchannels, a revolutionary form of online publishing that combines the power of broadcast scheduling with the ubiquity of the web and the power of sharing. XTend Live can be implemented as standalone service for brands, icons (music artists, athletes, politicians, etc.), and events or integrated in existing web sites and apps.


Melio implements a proof of concept for mobile OTT services at Globo in Brazil.

Melio has deployed a end-to-end live clip creation system with integrated sharing service to test the workflow of its XTend service delivery platform. The Melio system was connected to the Globo OB Van and production system and EVS’ media servers during the Botafogo Santos soccer final in Rio de Janeiro to deliver live highlights in multi cam mode.


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