newspapers, magazines, online publishers

Newspapers, magazines, online publishers

Newspapers and magazines are experiencing the toughest transition since the birth of their industry. Although paid digital editions are gaining popularity, they are far from compensating the reduction in print readership and reduced advertising revenues. The first generation of online editions have much to blame; Born form a traditional editing workflow, they are often a copy of the print version with some tweaks for tablet reading and social media integration.

XTend News facilitates a comprehensive publishing workflow that reflects the profound changes affecting the publishing business today: the increasing time-sensitivity of news, the growing importance of video and audio in news, massive user generated “contributions” and the explosion of over the top sharing on mobile devices.

XTend News helps publishers become more media centric and introduces a content scheduling system that is easy to adopt and highly suitable for the mobile, connected user. A straightforward publishing dashboard sees to it that mobile news becomes more informative and entertaining than ever. The built-in sharing mechanism and video features assure rapid word of mouth and reader/viewer engagement. Xtend also provides a new approach to classifieds that compensates for lost revenues in print.”

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