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Venues & Events

In a consumer world in which online entertainment has increasingly become 'low cost' or free, physical events and festivals are gaining more and more popularity. While over-the-top services are putting an end to traditional content packaging and -bundling, new forms of content discovery and channel disintermediation are causing a revival of live and local. While this happens, stadiums, exhibition centres and festivals are being upgraded to handle simultaneous broadband access of mass audiences.

With Melio XTend, venue owners, festival promoters and exhibitions organisers can capitalise on broadband massive wifi or 4G connectivity and introduce an entirely new approach to experiencing live events and conferences.

XTend Live and Xtend News allow for the creation of entertaining event micro channels without having the overhead of a local TV station. Event microchannels and the embedded tools for building momentum, engagement and viral marketing provide a 360 degrees experience from the moment a fan or visitor enters a venue till after the moment he/she has left it.

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