Our Vision

The explosive growth of always-on web access and smarter, mobile access devices is pushing broadcasters and media companies to adopt over-the-top (OTT) content distribution strategies. But the impact of changing media consumption behaviour is going far beyond the boundaries of traditional media. Newspapers, sport clubs, record labels, conference organisers, and many other organisations are required to in some way become media companies themselves and adopt a smart OTT publishing- and social media strategy in order to stay connected with customers, viewers, users, visitors and supporters. During the first wave of online and social media publishing, companies have relied on all purpose platforms such as Google, Vimeo, Facebook and Twitter or uploaded a mosaic of videos on proprietary OTT portals. While this approach works in a 'search' model of the Internet, it is not an effective approach for 'broadcasting' information because the static information uploads have to fight for

attention with hundreds of millions of messages, images and videos. Moreover, this catalogue approach to content publishing requires users to constantly be pro-active and click their way through articles, videos and programs. This was ok when the Internet equalled PCs but no longer goes with more casual viewing on tablets and smartphones. The current social publishing paradigm is equally inefficient, with loose friend-relationships, the gradual inflation of “likes” and look-alike social media pages starting to erode the value of existing social media platforms for publishers.

Our view at Melio is that online broadcasting and -publishing can drastically improve through the adoption of a new approach to OTT publishing that builds on the audience assembly power of live programs and -events. This new social publishing paradigm combines the appeal of live and premium content with the power of mobile access of the web and the network effect of true friend relationships. Through a comprehensive, cloud-based service delivery platform called Xtend, we facilitate content production, -curation and -publishing of “microchannels” specifically for the mobile, social and OTT TV user.

Xtend does not replace existing web site-, broadcast- or OTT solutions but serves as their extension in order to deliver momentum, quality and relevance into an otherwise static OTT publishing space. Find out more about how we can help you extend your service levels and set-up your own socio-mobile ecosystem.


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