Xtend Live®

Xtend Live system overview

XTend Live® is a cloud service for the creation of artist channels, athlete channels, brand channels or event channels. Through the XTend Live® client SDK a micro channel can be added to existing artist/athlete sites in a matter of days.

From the XTend Live® producer interface all aspects related to event/celebrity/brand promotion are managed: content scope, media management, live streaming, social media, media scheduling and publishing. The XTend Live® system makes sure that client apps and web sites are always entertaining and up to date.

Live events are connected through a plug-and-play system facilitating uplink, asset management, multicam, live highlights and adaptive streaming while for large broadcasted events, XTend Live® connects to existing broadcast systems through the XTend® middleware.

The XTend Live® client provides an exciting new user experience for viewing the microchannels or alternatively can be deployed with existing web sites, set-top boxes or apps through the XTend client SDK®. Contact us for a free assessment on the virtues of deploying microchannels.
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