Xtend News®

Xtend News system overview

XTend News® is a cloud-based service that online publishers can connect to in order to strengthen their digital editions. Connecting to a XTend News® service ads a workflow that facilitates real-time publishing, real-time video, video highlights, OTT clip/article sharing and microchannels. The latter can be embedded in existing digital editions as a new, engaging way of tracking news and events over time.

When implemented in the classifieds & advertising sections, XTend News enables OTT shopping channels. XTend News® is provided as a service on a dedicated cloud with different publisher roles and central workflow administration. The XTend News® client can be embedded in existing news apps and -sites through the XTend® client SDK or set-up as full clients. Contact us for a free on-site OTT migration assessment.

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