Xtend TV®

Xtend TV system overview

XTend TV® is a turn-key cloud service that allows broadcasters, Pay TV operators and MNOs create OTT microchannels and companion screen services. XTend TV® microchannels are a valuable addition to the existing multichannel line-up and can be set-up without requiring changes to the main production workflow.

When linked to the existing program grid, microchannels become natural over-the-top extensions of programs, providing a significant improvement over the the first generation “second screen” apps. The XTend TV® client can be deployed as a complete app for mobile, connected TVs or set-top boxes or integrated through the XTend TV® SDK in existing client stacks. The system is extendible to third party services such as content feeds, e-commerce or social media through the XTend TV ® middleware.

Operators and broadcasters can go live with XTend TV® in as soon as 4 weeks. Contact us for a free on site OTT migration assessment.

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